A very quick and easy camping meal is chili mac. In addition, this very inexpensive meal does a great job of filling a person up. It even tastes great when it is cold, so leftovers are seldom a problem. This camp dinner is especially fantastic if you suddenly realize that it is getting late and […]

Buyer’s guide to cake mixes Buying cake mixes in general is fun these days. With so many brands and types out there choosing one makes it fun. But there are a few tips to buying the right one that you like and want. Before buying just any cake mix, think of what your making the […]

Dulcecita Summertime Coconut Cake 12 tbsp unsalted butter2 cups sugar 5 large eggs cup sour cream tsp Cointreau1 tsp grated orange zest tsp pure vanilla2 cups all-purpose flour cup cornstarch tsp salt 1 tsp baking sodaFor the frosting for cake:2 cups heavy cream, cold 2 tbs sugar teaspoon Cointreau 1 shredded sweetened coconut Preheat the […]

Burger King is the second largest fast food chain in the world, following behind the mighty McDonalds. Burger King was founded in a Miami, Florida, suburb in 1954 by James McLamore and David Edgerton, following a visit to the original McDonalds in San Bernadino, California. Sensing that Dick and Mac McDonald were on to something […]

It is no secret that I am a fan of chocolate. To say the least, I love chocolate. My love for chocolate is unsurpassed by any of my peers. I love anything and all things chocolate. Although I have never tried a chocolate covered insect, if one must eat a bug this is certainly the […]