Canned salmon is as versatile as a can of tuna. Even better, canned salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids and calcium. The difficulty sometimes is getting kids (and some adults) to try this flavorful fish. Here are three salmon recipes that may get your non-fish eaters asking for seconds. SALMON PATTIES (serves 6) 1 […]

Chamomile is one of the best known herbs used as a medicinal tea. Even people unfamiliar with herbal tea are likely to know of chamomile. Gentle and soothing, chamomile is well known for easing upset stomachs and aiding relaxation and sleep. Mild in both taste and effects, it is safe to enjoy anytime, with the […]

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like cake! It’s not that hard to believe really, the soft sponges with creamy or sweet centres that make your taste buds tingle are arguably the best foods in the world. They have become a treasure, and many types have gripped the world’s population. There are cake sales and […]

Spring has sprung, and in many areas of the country flowers are already beginning to bloom..For a lovely spring-time table, consider bringing some of the outdoors inside, by adding flowers to your springtime meals. There are many delicious and beautiful flowers that can add a sense of flair to your spring time menu. Violets have […]

Imagine the scenario, you are trying to keep to your low fat diet but you have a REAL craving for a very naughty doner kebab. You know just how much fat and how many calories there are in a tasty kebab but you can’t get the thought of it out of your mind. I may […]

Decorating a cake can be an easy and satisfying project even for the least creative baker.  With time and practice, a beginning baker will soon move beyond Cake Decorating 101 to tackling more adventurous cake decorating projects. Starting at the beginning, however, the first step to dressing up a cake is to ice it.  Cookbooks, […]

I am sure that most people have seen BabyBel, the packs of tiny red wheels of cheese (looking rather like tiny red hockey pucks!) on the supermarket shelves, I also fancy that most of you have thought of these cheeses as being mainly a children’s snack – or as something for the kid’s lunch boxes!  […]

 Cajun Pasta An easy and tasty dish, this recipe is one you’ll add to your Quick and Easy Recipes file. It’s perfect for a family meal, and it’s also a good one to serve for company. Add a tossed green salad and garlic bread, and you have a complete meal that is inexpensive and tempting. […]

With the increased interest in home canning, the use of glass or ceramic top stoves in the process is in question. The areas of concern are the heat required for proper canning, the diameter of the pot, and weight. The best advice is to check the manual, or contact the manufacturer. Some of these stoves […]

Upon the shelves of a shop that sells alcohol, you wouldn’t be alone in wondering which bottle contains the prized and subtle aniseed based drink that the French know and celebrate as Pastis. It’s a drink that is served almost daily within the homes of France as a welcome, and although there are pretenders to […]